Same Sex Marriage

Maire and Leilah at Solsgirth House 2013

Alastair and Fabrizio, in the garden September 2016

Helen and Cherry, Norton House Hotel, November 2017
A Wedding Ceremony with Heart and Spirit

In the Interfaith community, we have very firmly "opted in" to offer religious weddings to same-sex couples, and  we are able to offer full, legal ceremonies, with the spiritual or religious content that is important for so many people. 

Love and commitment are for me the keynotes to what a lifetime partnership is all about, whether the two of you are of opposite sex or the same. A civil service gives you all the legal rights of a marriage, but misses out that special something that a wedding ritual gives  that is so important for many couples.

I can offer you the opportunity to have your partnership blessed in whatever way will make your wedding day most special for you and your partner , whether that might be a traditional marriage ceremony, an intimate gathering with friends and family, or something totally individual that’s just for you two.

Whether you have a traditional religious faith, your own personal spiritual belief, or perhaps none of these, as an Interfaith minister, my remit is to help you two to find the form and words that best express your feelings about each other and your future together, to create a ceremony that will become one of your most precious memories.  

Some comments:

When we first got engaged we spoke a lot about what we wanted from our ceremony. Coming from a faith that has made it abundantly clear that it wants nothing to do with same-sex couples it was a confusing and frustrating time. We thought about a humanist ceremony but felt it was not quite in line with our beliefs, we also considered having just a small registrar ceremony but felt that would not have the warmth we associated with a wedding ceremony. We were also really eager to have something true to our Celtic roots. 
We first met you on this beautiful sunny day and instantly we knew that you got us. You filled us with tea, listened to our muddled thoughts on the subject and prodded us on aspects of it that even we were not sure about. We both have faith and something we both felt immediately was that you were a spiritual person, you have a light and warmth that radiates out of you and it is very calming.

What we got was something so special that still brings such emotion that I feel as though I could be back there at the moment. Just the three of us, doing something special and important. I am not an emotional person as a rule but as I walked down the aisle I was completely overwhelmed. You looked at me with your calm eyes and I felt grounded. Then Máire joined us, all the other guests completely disappeared. The vows I think made everyone cry and the hand fasting felt as important to us as the rings, something I was not expecting. The story you told of us, it was so desperately true that it was hard to imagine you had not been with us for the past five years. I can in all honesty tell you that it was the best and purest part of the day.

So finally, everyone else's feedback. As I said before, on the day I felt as though it was just the three of us. Strangely almost every single person that I spoke to said that they felt the same thing, that they were witness to something so deeply personal and special that it completely absorbed them. They spoke of our ceremony as something they had never before experienced, spiritual but not religious, personalized but still genuine. I know many people cried, I know some laughed, I know everyone cheered and everyone thought you were wonderful. 
Thank you so much for helping us create something that we will carry with us our whole lives together.

Leilah and Maire

Morag, thank you so much for conducting our ceremony. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, and your guidance and experience has helped us to contemplate our future together, and to help create a service which was really personal to us. We are looking forward to this being the foundation of a happy marriage where we can continue to grow as a couple.

Helen and Cherry