Baby Blessings

When a new member of the family arrives, it’s a time of great celebration and joy for everyone, and sooner or later the question will arise:

Should you have your baby christened or not? For those with a Christian faith the answer is easy, but for the rest of us, it might not be. A traditional christening marks the arrival of a baby in a very special way, and allows all the family to come together in love and support of the little one and the new parents.

In recent years, baby blessings, as an alternative to a traditional baptism or christening, have become more popular among couples of different faiths and those who may not have ties to a church. One benefit is that they can be designed to exactly reflect the parents’ wishes, and help accord with family requests for a church service.

A Baby Blessing or Baby Naming ceremony is a really meaningful alternative to a christening. A specially created ceremony reflecting you and your family’s hopes and best wishes for your baby, in the form that best suits your own ideas and beliefs.

I can conduct your Baby Blessing in your own home or garden or as part of a function at a hotel or hall.

Here are some forms a Baby Blessing or Naming might take:

  • A naming ceremony, with or without water.

  • A candle lighting ceremony.

  • A “gifting”, where guests add a small treasure to a Blessing Chest.

  • A tree planting ceremony. Wishes and blessings tied to the tree by guests

  • An anointing with oil on baby's head heart hands and feet

Scarlett's Blessing ceremony, March 2014

"Morag holding Scarlett's naming ceremony was very special to us as she was aware of the families journey. It was a joyous celebration and held very dear in all of our hearts."

- Tracey Thomson

Sam's Baby Blessing with water - June 2015

"Sam's naming day ceremony was so personal and spiritual, just like our wedding. We used the quaich from our wedding and the whole family could be involved. Morag helped us celebrate a very special moment in our lives, and we're very grateful for all she brought to the day."

-Becky Duff-