I am available to conduct funerals in the Scottish Borders Region, burials, cremations or green burial ceremonies.

We are not all the same, either outside or inside, and when the time comes that we leave this life, those who love us and have to make funeral arrangements for us often struggle to find the best way to honour that individuality, that uniqueness that marks who we are.

An Interfaith service is a new and beautiful way to say goodbye to a loved one, which is built around the individual and personal beliefs of the person who has died, and the wishes of their family.

Unlike a Humanist celebrant, I as an Interfaith minister am able to introduce prayers, readings from sacred texts, hymns, anything that inspires or moves you, without imposing any religious forms with which the one who has died, or their family might not be comfortable.

I aim to be a presence of loving support during these times of transition. To guide families as gently as I can to choose and bring together the things that embody the deepest ideals and beliefs of the person who has died, whatever these may be, to celebrate their life, and to gently hold family and friends during the painful process of saying goodbye.

Planning a funeral service

  • You make initial contact by phone or e-mail to establish date, time and venue for the funeral

  • I meet with you to find out about the person who has died, and to decide on any input that you as family and friends would like to have in the service.

  • I assist and guide you to find music or songs, prayers, readings, rituals etc.that you might want to have in the service.

  • I can give advice on writing a eulogy, if wanted, or help create one with your input.

  • I write the service, and if you wish, send it to you for approval

  • I conduct the service

Archie Browning

A funeral with a difference

"When my beloved husband died, it was left to me to arrange the funeral. I preferred it that way as I wanted the service to reflect both of our spiritual beliefs, but also resonate with the friends and family in attendance who held main stream religious beliefs.

Both Archie and I had been baptised in the Church of Scotland, but couldn't relate to any of the established churches, and chose to follow our own paths.

Archie had been brought up working on a farm, nature was his cathedral, and he much preferred the fields and woods to cities. He saw himself as a servant of the land. Anyone who has seen our gardens over the years would understand exactly what I mean, and that was what I wanted to come over in the service.

Having met Morag I knew that she could shape the service to bring me comfort as well. We designed it together, and so many people afterwards said it was the most wonderful experience.

One of our neighbours said afterwards that he had never been moved to tears at a funeral before, but this one had brought the essence of my husband so clearly back to his memory, that while it made him feel the loss, it also made him grateful for having known him."

  • Sheila Browning

Scott Snider

"After having married us only a few months earlier, when my dad passed away we knew we only wanted Morag to conduct the funeral service, and we were so glad that she did.

She has such a special way with words and even brought smiles to faces on a day filled with sadness. She captured the essence of my dad perfectly and helped us say goodbye to him.

It wasn't just a funeral, it was a celebration to his life and we thank Morag from the bottom of our hearts for what she has done for our family."

  • Heather Roe

"For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind, and melt into the sun?

And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides,

that it may rise and expand, and seek God unencumbered"

-Kahlil Gibran -