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Some lovely things people have said

Laura and Corey

"I do not know if words can adequately express how perfect Morag's participation in our wedding was. We wanted an interfaith ceremony to allow us to add spirituality to our ceremony without the specific guidelines of any one religion. Morag was recommended to us by our wedding planner and they could not have made a better selection.

Despite geographical distance (we live in the United States), Morag walked us through the planning of our ceremony with ease. Her questionnaire to get to know us helped us realise what was really important for us in our ceremony and the sample vows and readings made it really easy for us to refine and pick out the words that were perfect for us. After sending tons of information to her, she skillfully organised a beautiful and fluid ceremony.

But I would be remiss if I did not mention the most important aspect of working with Morag - her personality. She has a very warm and comforting personality that instantly relaxed us. Upon our initial meeting to discus the logistics, we knew the next day would go well. During the ceremony, she kept us calm and smiling. And shouldn't every bride and groom be smiling during their wedding!"

Ziggy and Rebekah

"Our wedding ceremony was perfect in every way. Morag helped us put together a ceremony that was completely our style and vibe and helped us be ourselves and respond to each other naturally.

We were able to bring in elements of all our beliefs and all that is important to us as well as incorporate ancient traditions along with modern ones. It was just what we wanted and everyone who witnessed it agreed it was one of the most sincere and straight-from-the-heart ceremonies they had been a part of."

Lisa and Daren

"It was simply the most amazing day, a day we will never forget. The ceremony was so perfect and we will never be able to find the words to tell you how thankful we are to you.

Once again thank you for giving us the most amazing, beautiful ceremony and for choosing to be part of our day."

Nicky and Ross

"Morag performed the impossible feat of pleasing everyone. She united Spiritualists and Agnostics, Cynics and Optimists, Protestants and Catholics with a ceremony that was special and unique. So many of our guests commented on how wonderful and emotional it was.

She also counselled us on the massive task of marriage, that great step into the planned unknown. She wasn't fazed with our unusual venue or our disparate beliefs, instead she supported us, blessed us, and gently helped us with the elements of our service. We could not have done it without her."

Jill and Steven

"Morag created the most wonderful service for our wedding. Morag listened to our ideas as well as presenting her own to make the ceremony beautiful and personal.

Our ceremony reflected our values as a couple, incorporated a religious aspect and a we also included hand fastening to give the ceremony a true Scottish feel!

We loved our ceremony and so many of our guest complimented it as one of the best they had ever heard! We couldn’t have been more delighted or privileged to have had Morag conduct our wedding ceremony."

Pamela and Marcus

"The service was exactly what we wanted and so personal, lots of our family have said it was the nicest service they've ever been to. Your work on the day and in the run up to it was much appreciated."

Helen and Cherry

"Morag, thank you so much for conducting our ceremony. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, and your guidance and experience has helped us to contemplate our future together, and to help create a service which was really personal to us.

We are looking forward to this being the foundation of a happy marriage where we can continue to grow as a couple."

Martin and Katy

"I just wanted to say a massive thanks for the wonderful ceremony you put together for Martin and I. We had so many comments about how personal it was to us and not your average ceremony.

You put us at ease throughout with your lovely smile and calming voice! :)

We had the most wonderful day and cannot thank you enough for all of your help and advice."

Laura and Stu

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such a heartfelt, beautiful, personal service. You have a lovely gift in totally understanding what people are looking for."

"I (Laura's mum) just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the beautiful ceremony you conducted for Laura and Stu on the occasion of their marriage. So many people have commented on your lovely wedding ceremony - simple but yet very loving and moving. Thank you so much for your contribution to an amazing and lovely day which all went just as Laura and Stu had hoped it would.

The happiness and love that Laura and Stu felt most certainly shone out brightly lighting up the day."

Marion (Mother of the Bride)

Caroline and Nick

"Nick and I decided to have an Interfaith celebrant to marry us as we didn't want to be restricted in what we had in our ceremony. We felt that as it was our wedding, we should be able to show our feelings and beliefs in our own way.

We were recommended Morag through a friend. She was fantastic, we met up with her a couple of times before the big day to discuss what format we would like the wedding to take and for Morag to get to know us. By doing this, it enabled her to give us ideas on how we could make the ceremony our own. Neither of us are particularly religious but do have some spiritual beliefs and the Interfaith foundation enabled us to express ourselves in front of our friends and family in a way that was comfortable for us.

The ceremony itself was very relaxed, very "us" and everybody commented on how nice it was and that it was one of the nicest weddings they had ever been to. We loved every minute of our wedding and are both so pleased Morag was able to conduct the most important part of our day."

Emma and Darren

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you for making our wedding day so special. Everyone loved our ceremony, as did we! Our wedding day was amazing."

Harriot and Pete

"Thank you so much for the beautiful service you conducted for us. We had so many lovely comments from our guests about how personal and meaningful it was. We had the best day of our lives! Thank you once again for making it so special."

Liam and Laura

"Thank you Morag for a wonderful ceremony, it is all we could have asked for - and much more! We were delighted to be able to personalise our wedding to such an extent; to be able to incorporate so naturally

the various aspects and beliefs that are meaningful to us, and to live our dream to be married on the beach.

Morag supported and guided us in planning the perfect ceremony for our needs, and kept in contact regularly in the lead up to the big day. With a wonderful, sunny

presence on our special day, she beautifully conducted the ceremony with genuineness, care and much warmth, and the service was intimate, emotional and heartfelt. Morag was the perfect person to marry us!"

Leilah and Maire

"When we first got engaged we spoke a lot about what we wanted from our ceremony. Coming from a faith that has made it abundantly clear that it wants nothing to do with same-sex couples it was a confusing and frustrating time. We thought about a humanist ceremony but felt it was not quite in line with our beliefs, we also considered having just a small registrar ceremony but felt that would not have the warmth we associated with a wedding ceremony. We were also really eager to have something true to our Celtic roots.

We first met you on this beautiful sunny day and instantly we knew that you got us. You filled us with tea, listened to our muddled thoughts on the subject and prodded us on aspects of it that even we were not sure about. We both have faith and something we both felt immediately was that you were a spiritual person, you have a light and warmth that radiates out of you and it is very calming.

What we got was something so special that still brings such emotion that I feel as though I could be back there at the moment. Just the three of us, doing something special and important. I am not an emotional person as a rule but as I walked down the aisle I was completely overwhelmed. You looked at me with your calm eyes and I felt grounded. Then Máire joined us, all the other guests completely disappeared.

The vows I think made everyone cry and the hand fasting felt as important to us as the rings, something I was not expecting. The story you told of us, it was so desperately true that it was hard to imagine you had not been with us for the past five years. I can in all honesty tell you that it was the best and purest part of the day.

So finally, everyone else's feedback. As I said before, on the day I felt as though it was just the three of us. Strangely almost every single person that I spoke to said that they felt the same thing, that they were witness to something so deeply personal and special that it completely absorbed them. They spoke of our ceremony as something they had never before experienced, spiritual but not religious, personalised but still genuine. I know many people cried, I know some laughed, I know everyone cheered and everyone thought you were wonderful.

Thank you so much for helping us create something that we will carry with us our whole lives together."

George and Abby

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our day so special."

Suzie and Neil

"I just want to say that we feel blessed that you conducted our wedding ceremony and it was just perfect in every way. You put us at ease and the service was so relevant to Neil and I - everyone was raving about it!

I'll never forget how you made us feel and how you brought so much love into the hall that day."

Lynsey and Stefan

"Stefan and I would like to thank you massively for conducting our wedding ceremony yesterday. It was just perfect, and every single guest commented on how lovely it was as it was so personal and touching.

We have also been informed that never before have people been to such an emotional and romantic ceremony and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was more than Stefan and I could ever have dreamed of and we can't thank you enough. It was an honour to have met you."

Colette and Ian

"We want to thank you for conducting our ceremony on our wedding day. We thought it was beautiful, so special and personal and many people have commented on how much they liked it. We're so grateful to you for making it perfect for us so, thank you!"

Sophie and Mike

"Mike and I wanted to say thank you for Saturday, the ceremony was everything we had hoped for, really personal and true to us. We are still both keep on welling up just thinking about it."

Jenni and Stuart

"We can't express how meaningful, personal and romantic our wedding ceremony was thanks to Morag. She took so much time to carefully understand our relationship, our spirituality, and what marriage truly means to us and expressed all of these things so eloquently.

Many of our friends and family said they had never heard such beautiful and thoughtful words at a wedding, and we couldn't agree more. Thank you, Morag, for being such an important part of the best day of our lives."

Tara and Andrew

"I just wanted to let you know how very much we appreciated your part in our wedding! Everything was absolutely perfect (aside from my not being able to get the ring on Andrew's finger!), and you made us feel so at ease! It was just the right blend of humour, fun and sincerity, and we really appreciated all of the work you did in making the ceremony very special and personal to us. So thank you SO much."

Janine and Liam

"Our service was beautiful, incredibly personal and filled with words that make us smile often. When we were thinking about what we wanted in our ceremony we didn't want it to be overly formal but in the same context, we didn't want it to be too casual.

The ceremony, your words and our vows were a perfect balance. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job in the build up and on the day!

From the moment I found your site I knew you were who we had been looking for. After our first call I was so excited. Liam and I had considered a few different options and spoken to a registrar and a humanist but neither felt to be what we were looking for.

Liam and I were raised differently, Liam a Catholic and I was not raised with a religion. I wanted to find a way of getting married to recognise Liam and his family's faith, without the formality of a Catholic service. You were our answer and performed the most beautiful service that many of our friends and family have since asked about."

Claire and Alan

"Morag was the perfect person to conduct our marriage ceremony in September 2015. From researching, getting in touch initially and right the way through to the wedding itself, she was a wonderful reassuring ray of sunshine. Such a wonderful and warm person who really took time to talk through everything with us, make very apt suggestions and conduct a fabulous service for us. We could not imagine anyone else doing such a beautiful job.

Our friends, family and guests thoroughly enjoyed her ceremony which incorporated everything we asked for and really managed to communicate our love in our words throughout the ceremony."

Suzanne and William

"The wedding was such a lovely day and the ceremony you performed was beautiful! It was filled with so much light and love. Thank you so much again. We both loved every second of it and so many people have commented on what a lovely ceremony it was.

Even my old 92 year old auntie said it was the most original and personal ceremony she's been to (and she's been to a lot!!). I think the biggest compliment is that two of our guests wanted your details for their own weddings!"

David and Jessica

"Morag, we wanted to write to thank you for being such a special part of our wedding. You made the process leading up to the wedding easy and enjoyable, and on the day you officiated the ceremony with care, tenderness and great professionalism. You created a really special moment for us, which remains the high point of an amazing weekend overall. Our sincere thanks."

Lisa and Colin

"Our wedding ceremony was everything we could have hoped for and more. You tailored it perfectly to our beliefs and personalities and everyone has told us what a touching and intimate experience it was to be part of it.

You took the time to get to know us, our relationship and what marriage meant for us and encouraged us to look beyond the day itself, to create personalised vows which truly represented our lasting commitment to one another and our hopes and promises for the future.

It was the truest reflection of our love and commitment put into words and shared with our closest friends and family in the most beautiful way, and we can't thank you enough for this."

Lianne and David

"We both want to say a massive thank you, the service you did for our wedding ceremony it was without a doubt outstanding, better than we imagined and just perfect.

From us first contacting you, you have been reassuring, very professional and knowledge giving us ideas and information but also easy to talk to like a friend. Our wedding day was perfect, the service you did was so heartfelt, genuine and meaningful it really was special, some of our guests commented how brilliant and unique it was too.

You made me feel at ease when I saw you at Anvil Hall before I came in and Dave also while he was waiting for me. We both really enjoyed it and appreciate your efforts in putting it all together, the questionnaires you gave us and how you put that part together was lovely, the handfasting and your words were great and felt really symbolic just like we wanted and you did a fabulous job of striking the Anvil!

Really cannot thank you enough."