Other Ceremonies

There are times in our lives when change inevitably comes, when we move from one phase to another, either during the natural cycle of our lives. or when circumstances conspire to bring about changes, whether we expected them or not.

In many cultures, and in our own culture in past times, many different rites of passage helped to ease transition, and to prepare the body and soul for the acceptance of change.

Typically, a transition ceremony would involve a combination of words and actions in a ritual setting, and can include friends and family too, if appropriate. This can be a deeply meaningful and joyful experience for the person involved, and can bring a very real and lasting sense of empowerment.

Personal ceremonies are very individual, and can be tailored for your own needs, so please enquire if none of the rites on this page are quite right for you.

Rites of Passage for women

Moon Rite for Girls

An honouring and marking of the transition into Womanhood.

Wise Woman Rite

A ritual celebration of the end of the cycle of fertility in a woman's life, and the joyful acceptance of the Wise Woman phase.

Reconsecration of the Womb

A very special ceremony which aids recovery where there is a sense of invasion into, or compromise of one's womanhood, either through medical or personal circumstances.

Other Rites of Passage

Consecration of a New Home

A welcoming and cleansing ceremony which can help you to feel at home and comfortable in a new house.

Healing and Balancing Ceremony

A personal ceremony which includes both reiki and visualisation work, for clearing obstruction to wholeness.

Rite of Separation

A ceremony to formally mark the end of a relationship, and to facilitate acceptance, and the ability to move on.

Ritual of the Road

A ceremony of preparation for you or a loved one to go with safety and blessing into a new country or a period of travel or adventure.